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LaVida Massage of Smithtown, NY

New Standard in Massage Excellence.
For centuries, massage has been used as a way of naturally healing the body. As the Western world learns about the side-effects and addictive properties of prescription drugs (that only treat symptoms), we are moving towards natural, drug-free therapies such as massage, acupressure and reflexology.

There have been numerous clinical studies proving that regular massage improves overall health by:

• Increasing Circulation

• Decreasing Stress & Anxiety

• Improving Flexibility

• Reducing Pain

• Improving Sleep & Focus

• Strengthening the Immune System

Our NY State Licensed and Certified Massage Therapists are ready to customize your massage to your specific needs - leaving you relaxed and recharged, allowing your body to function properly, heal itself and feel its best! Read more...

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LaVida Massage of Smithtown, NY specializes in massage therapy and enhanced therapies. Some of the massages we offer are: deep tissue, relaxation, Swedish, corporate, chair, couples, sports, and prenatal massages. Some of the benefits of receiving massage therapy include better sleep quality and less stress. We are conveniently located on Route 111 by Alpine Pastry Shop.